From the Press Release //

"True collaborations are almost impossible in these modern days whose 24 hours seem to rush and drown us. However artist Jesse Draxler and musician and writer Benjamin Kucera created a collaborative - and intensely human - project that has spanned an entire year.

Each day Ben would send Jesse a word, phrase, or song lyric. Jesse would in turn interpret and create a drawing from these words. with no time to toil or over think, Jesse found that each piece represented the initial thought or imagery that sprang into his mind upon reading the daily words. The project was to speak to the immediacy of art, the instant presence of a word to the mind without inference. "methadont" was the first word exchanged.

The pieces were made in bars, clubs, cars, work, restaurants, laundromats, some even while traveling. the location seemed to affect the outcome of each work. Found objects from Jesse's current location can be seen in specific works, and certain pieces were created using the limited supplies Jesse could find at the time in his particular environment.

This project became a year-long dual journal. Ben's words sent to Jesse were often a direct reflection of the happenings in his life and would come from the perspective of good and bad, emotional and impassive, sober and blurry. Jesse's illustrations were filtered through the events and perspective of his own daily life, creating a single piece with two meanings, both strangely and beautifully relatable. The pieces are whimsical and humorous, heartbreaking or crude, and intensely intellectual. This project began on march 23rd 2009 and will be complete on march 23rd 2010. Four days later, the show will open at umber studios and 365 days of art will be revealed."


Opening Reception: Saturday, March 27th. 8pm




Kevin, the owner of PulpTree, invited me to sign up and upload some work to his site recently...so I did.

PulpTree is a site that allows artists to upload their work with the chance of winning 200$ and having the winning design turned into a print which will be sold in the store. To win you must have a large number of "props" among a few other requirements.

This being said I ask you all to go to http://www.PULPTREE.com and "prop" my work.

While you are there, surf through some other great work as well...I know my buddy and fellow WAFA member, Colin Jenkins, is in there somewhere so prop his shit too!

Thanks in advance.

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It's been a long while since my last post. A testament to how busy things have been in the past few months. I would love to go into detail and list off all of the great things that have been going on, but instead I'll just spit out a highlight reel...

// Our Lovelee Buttons event a few weekends ago (Vigilante Justice III) went swimmingly. I have never seen the 501 Club so packed, it was a bit intense actually...Riding on that success we have decided to start talks on VJ4 right away. Lovelee Buttons will be meeting up within the coming weeks to hopefully get the ball rolling on a summertime date for that. In the meantime check out the photos from VJIII: CLICK!

// I was part of a show called Art Form 1040 at the gallery at Fox Tax in January. It was a collaborative show in which artists who would not normally work together collaborated on a piece. I was paired with photographer Hillary Berg and it went very, very well. Our piece was even used in the City Pages for the A-List write up:

// I was asked to create an illustration to serve as the cover for the March issue of the online literary magazine Radioactive Moat. The issue will be launched March 1st.

// A lot of radical shit has been going on with the WAFA. Good press (Blanket Magazine, Urban Outfitters blog, Not Paper, etc,) as well as a bunch of great new projects. Check out some sneak peaks over at Flickr: WAFA Group Pool. As well as on the official webpage: wearefuckingawesome.org.

// Super 8 Magazine out of Florence, Italy asked me to create a piece for their Collabor8 series a few weeks ago. I jammed one out and it should be up on their website somewhat soon. (I'll post again once that is up.) You can preview the piece outside of their template on my Flickr.

// Been working hard on Dearling Physique artwork again. Really pleased with how it is going. I have created a "circle" series of 10 pieces. Which ones will be used, who knows, but the series stands strong on its own. I hope to show it soon. You can preview a few of the pieces over at my Flickr.

// I use Flickr these days.

// Tomorrow I am heading to Umber Studios to discuss my first solo show with Jessica, the owner. I am very, very, very, excited about this show. The date is Saturday, March 27th, and the show will be for the Methadont series I had been working on for 267 days, consisting of 267 pieces. There is a lot more to be said about the project, but that will have to wait for another time.

// This year will be the first year I participate in Art-A-Whirl! I'll be set up at Fox Tax among a few others. More information on this when I get it...All I know at this moment is that its in May.

// I gotta stop. More sooner than later.



Super stoked that I was recently accepted into the WAFA, a global creative collective of about 13 artists spanning the nations that all collaborate on different projects. Check it out at http://wearefuckingawesome.org. Some of my first collabs are up now with a lot more on the way.


/// ∆ \\\

I created this piece as a prize for Toneski's upcoming trivia night at the 501 Club // Justin and I (BLOODTIME) donated some of our first run of tees to be given away as prizes as well. Come down this coming Monday and try to win all that. Peep Toneski's flier //
In case you haven't caught wind, BLOODTIME now has a BigCartel store! So if you can't come and win a shirt, you can still conveniently purchase one online! http://bloodtime.bigcartel.com

I recently got back from that tour with Dearling Physique I hyped so much about in the past couple of months. I would write a grip about it and make you feel like you were there with us...but I don't want to. Check the pics though: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=115539&id=825946464&l=c049fa650f

Emma Berg of MPLSART.com recently asked me to be part of an upcoming show at Fox Tax. The show will consist of works created by two artists who normally would not work together collaborating. I was paired up with local fine arts photographer Hillary Berg. Today I met with her and we hashed out the overall concept and will begin production in the coming weeks. The show will be taking place in January, so I'll keep the blog fresh with updates on that. Exciting stuff.

Mars Argo (grocerybag.tv) approached me via e.mail a few weeks ago asking me to design some t.shirts to coincide with the release of their new album "Technology is a Dead Bird." I gladly accepted. You can view a few of the designs I came up with at my Society 6 page, and hopefully will be able to see more, on actual shirts, soon.




I added a link to my Society 6 store on my website: jessedraxler.com.

Go buy.



::Much needed blog update coming soon::

...in the meantime...check out the first of a few collaborations I am working on with illustrator extraordinaire from Norwich, UK : Anthony Zinonos.


rats live on no evil star

// It has been a minute...here's what has been going down:

+ The "Fame" event at the new Ignite Modeling Agency studio was a riot. One of the best nights of the summer thus far. Working with Garrett on the live art piece left me thirsty to do more, some of the most fun I have had creating...ever. Check some snaps //

+ A couple of Fridays ago I spent the day hanging my work in the newly reopened Music Box Theater. I think we hung about 15 pieces of mine, with an equal number from my show-mate and local illustrator extraordinaire, Peter Lochner. It ended up looking pretty rad for salon style. It will be up through the month of September, so if you end up at the Music Box to catch a gig or...whatever else it is they do there...make sure to scope the walls.

+ The current issue of Metro Magazine sitting on newstands across the cities contains a full page ad I created / designed for the upcoming Clapperclaw Festival. Check it out:
+ Speaking of Clapperclaw, some of my collaborative work with Justin James Sehorn will be shown at the event. Sehorn will also have some of his solo work along with some other buddies, Dain Germscheid and Garrett Perry...plus of course a bunch of other artists. This goes down Sat, Sept 5th. Starts at 2pm and goes all night. www.clapperclawfestival.com for more info and to buy pre-sale tix.

+ Activist magazine ADBUSTERS contacted me a few weeks back asking permission to use one of my pieces from the Methadont project in an upcoming issue. This is pretty exciting for me being that I've been paging through Adbusters every time I'm at my local bookseller for years now. The piece they selected is "088_06.18.09," and it will be full page in a visual essay about the history of communication. Nov / Dec issue. Go find it at www.methadont.com.

+ I'll be submitting some work to the 99$ sale at the Soap Factory. Opening night is Sept. 11th. I submitted last year but did not make it to the opening. This year I hope to at least stop by. More info: soap99.com.

+ Tour starts soon. Extremely exciting stuff. Sept 24th is the tour kick off show at the Kitty Kay Club here in the cites, save the date. The rest of the tour dates can be viewed over at Dom's blog : http://dearlingphysique.blogspot.com/

// Guess that's all. Gotta run some errands.


my art is more well traveled than I am

Today I received copies of two zines that I am a part of. The first one being The A5 Magazine out of Isreal. I know I have mentioned this before on a few separate occasions, but now I finally have the real deal and images to prove it...

It comes in a box (mine was a bit beat up from it's travels) //Open the box and take out the contents //
And somewhere in that jumble of cards is my piece (Working Class hEro) //
The second zine is called Vingon Zine, a brand new, experimental zine out of Korea. My favorite line in their mission statement: "There are no limits on anything whatsoever." Damn straight. The theme this time around was "Junk."

The cover //
And it folds out into a sort of poster form (my work is second row to the bottom, far right, two pieces) //
I also sold and shipped off my piece "Lord Of The Flies" to a lovely lady in Germany named Yara. Good day for worldwide mail.
Next Thursday is the inaugural event for the new Ignite Modeling Agency studios. I will be displaying work at the event in a two man show along side my good buddy Garrett Perry. Should be a pretty fun evening.
Saturday Dearling Physique plays at the Soap Factory for Artery 24 (you can read up on what this whole Artery 24 deal is all about by clicking that link yo.) Time = 3:00pm. I'll be helping with the "stage design" once again. We had a meeting at the Soap yesterday and from what I can tell, the performance is going to be stellar. Not to be missed.

Vigilante Justice II was a huge success. Tons of fun was had by all. Check out the photos on the Lovelee Buttons blog. (www.loveleebuttons.com/blog) // thanks to Holly Ann Yamada for snapping 'em.




This last Thursday was the "Boarding For Breast Cancer" poolside fashion show / event at The Calhoun Beach Club. My friend, Garrett Perry, knew someone in the know and got in on that shit. First off he hooked himself and I up with plaster cast molds of women's chests to paint, decorate, and do whatever we choose on. The finished products were auctioned off at the event with all proceeds going towards Boarding For Breast Cancer. I don't have any money to give to charity, but I will definitely donate my services whenever I can. Good deal. Check the bust //

On top of that Garrett ended up doing a live painting at the event along side another friend of mine, Charles Mossey. The end result is pretty stellar if you ask me, which you didn't, but see for yourself in the detail shot below.
// Good things. Good. Things.


EY Five!

Not sure if I have mentioned this before, but one of my submissions to the A5 art magazine out of Isreal was accepted and the issue comes out July 9th. //
Apparently they are having a release party for the issue as well, July 14th, at what I am sure is Isreal's hippest trend bar. Wish I could be there, but that's definitely not in the cards. The flyer for that event is the image you see above and if you squint and get real close to your screen, you can see my name in the list of the left. MPLS brah!

On top of Vigilante Justice II next Friday, I have been asked to be a part of two upcoming two man shows around the end of the month. One is on July 30th, the other will open Aug 7th. August 7th will be the opening for a show at the newly revamped Music Box theater. The other artist showing will be Peter Lochner, a radical artist and professor of illustration at MCAD. I couldn't find his website, but if you do an Google image search of his name you'll get the picture. Literally.

And the July 30th show is in conjuction to some sort of high end fashion show. The details on this show are still not clear to me, but I do know that it's taking place in the warehouse district, downtown MPLS. I am about to meet with the people throwing the ordeal in a few hours...which reminds me...I need to hop in the shower and get going...

Throw Up 5 release party this Thursday night at Big V's. Dont forget that shit!


Jams with Virgins.

Justin and I whipped this poster design together in a whirlwind of waterlogged confusion and paper scraps sometime last week. Oh yes, oh yes.

See you all there.

// also // check out the Lovelee Buttons blog for a full photo gallery of the Intermedia Arts show from a few weeks ago.



The Throw Up Volume 5 is a 40 page art zine featuring work from: Jesse Draxler, Dain Germscheid, Kris Johnson, Anthony Kephart, Methadont (Malcolm Alchemy and Jesse Draxler,) Sarah Moeding, Justin James Sehorn, Katrin Snider and Mark Vomit.

Click here for the Facebook event page.


the vibes are good.

Stuff to be said.

+ The Intermedia Arts show the other weekend went amazingly. Good time had by all. Here is a link to a time lapse video of the set up (more video and loads of photos of the actual show to come):


+ One of the three pieces I submitted to the A5 arts magazine in Israel has been accepted. It will be in the upcoming issue focused around the word "Hero." I'll post again when the issue is actually pressed but in the meantime check out their back catalog (every page viewable online):


+ Guitar pedal factory, venue, and record label, Death By Audio (out of NY), gave Methadont a holler on a recent blog entry. Check it out:


+ Seattle based brother in arts, Tyson Roberts, has asked me to be part of a three person Seattle exhibition based around the idea of "Urban Dialogue." I have accepted and he is looking for the show to go down later this year. More on this as it unravels. The three artists will be myself and...:

Tyson Roberts: http://www.tysonanthonyroberts.com
Vivian Chen: http://www.vivianchenphotography.com

What else, what else?

+ Vigilante Justice II is still on for JULY 17th. Mark your calendars // you won't want to miss it.

+ Open Door 5 at the Rosalux Gallery this last Saturday evening went well. I had a great time mingling, networking, and all that other junk you are supposed to do at art openings. Most excellent to see many friendly faces as well.

There's more, but as usual, for another time.


i want the candy.

I got into Open Door 5 at the Rosalux Gallery! Information on the opening is in the image above and more can be learned HERE. My buddy Garrett Perry got in as well, which solidifies the fact that the evening of Saturday, June 13th is going to be a wicked good time.

The night before that (June 12th) is the opening reception for the CVA Alumni exhibition at the CVA Gallery on the corner of Selby and Western in STP. I turned my piece in for that last night and the opening runs from 6-9pm I believe. Uhhh...yea.

Before both of those events is Lovelee Buttons presents...at Intermedia Arts. The date is THIS SATURDAY, June 6th, and we aparently now have a trailer for the gig. Check it:

Buy advance tickets at http://loveleebuttons.com/blog

On top of all that we have officially begun planning for Vigilante Justice II at the aLoft Hotel (July 17th, save the date!) I posted a call to artists for the event on mnartists.org and have been receiving some good submissions, but if by chance you do not read mnartists but you happen to read this blog and want to submit some work, send some images to jesse@jessedraxler.com.

Stay tuned...